Burmester B25

Burmester B25
Burmester B25 Burmester B25
Producent: Burmester
Model: B25 sæt (2 stk.)
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Pris: 64.995,00Kr
Ekskl. moms: 51.996,00Kr
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The B25 is able to fill even large rooms with fantastic sound.

It is aesthetically appealing and shows many audible amenities of the Burmester flagship loudspeaker B100. 
With a frequency range up to 45.000 Hz, the AMT (Air Motion Transformer) reaches far beyond the acoustic range. Its horn-like guidance of the sound allows operation down to the area of presence. The mid-range, exclusively developed by Burmester for the B25, traces back to experiences that have been gained during the construction of the speakers for the Bugatti Veyron. It represents the ideal acoustic connection between tweeter and woofer. The laterally arranged oval basses play extraordinarily powerful and impulsive.
The B25 unfolds its potential already in the combination with small amplifiers. It can be easily integrated in any living environment.
The facts:
  • “The B25’s AMT tweeter rendered the treble and upper midrange with air and an absence of grain.” Stereophile (USA) 12/2008
  • “The Burmester B25 appealed to me for its imaging transparency, ambience retrieval, ability to “disappear”, fine timbral detailing, jewel-like build quality, and gorgeous appearance.” Stereophile (USA) 12/2008
  • “Etoile de Prestige” 2009 Audio/Video (France)


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